A person starts out as the "Curator" and stands at the end of a field. Everyone else playing stands at the far end (distance depends upon playing area selected). The object of the game is for a "Statue" to tag the Curator, thereby becoming the Curator and resetting the game.
The Curator turns their back to the field, and the "Statues" attempt to race across and tag the Curator.
Whenever the Curator turns around, the Statues must freeze in position and hold that for as long as the Curator looks at them. The Curator can even walk around the Statues, examining them. However, the Curator needs to be careful – whenever his back is turned, Statues are free to move.
If a Statue is caught moving, they are sent back to the starting line to begin again (or thrown out of that round, whichever way is preferred.) Usually, the honesty of the Curator isn't enforced, since being a Statue is more desirable.

Yes, very interesting. Did you have a question?

yes where do i begin with this code can someone help me out with creating it or an outline

Before even thinking of using python for this, you need to define what the computer will do and what the human player(s) will do. You don't need a specific programming language for this.