Hi.. Am actually trying to write my final year project on how to use Android phone as remote control for pc.. Pls can anybody put me through on what to do and how to start it because am a newbie trying to build an android app.. Thanks

if you are a 'newbie', as you yourself state, and this is a school-project (meaning limited time) either choose another (more realistic) topic, or prepare to accept defeat.

There are tons of developers here who will sacrifice their spare time to help you out, but there's a difference between helping you out and providing you with custom made code.

Thanks guys i really appreciate your advice.. I will just leave that project for now.. But can i atleast get some suggestions on any software project that i can easily do.. i would be grateful

We have seen many users asking for suggestions for a thesis topic or comp sci project or whatever. First of all, we do not know your skill level so we can't suggest something that would be appropriate. Secondly, we are not here to give you ideas. When you have an idea we will give you help when you hit a snag. I cannot recall a writer ever asking "does anyone have a good idea for a story I can write?".

commented: "It was a dark and stormy night..." is a start, to a failing grade it seems. +0

If you have basic knowledge about coding. you can make a website on visual studio. To work on it, you must know C#. If you are a dedicated learner, you can learn it easily.You can also use html to develop a website. Else you can go with a simple app.