Hello dear forum members,

I am brand new in C programming and have to program an "X" as homework (see attached picture).
The edge length of the "X's" should be entered by the user, ie the "X" should be arbitrarily large or small.

Can someone help me with the task?

So far I have the following code:

include <stdio.h>
     int main () {
     int edge length, i;
     printf ("Please enter the edge length of the pattern: \ n");
     scanf ("% d", & edge length);
     char sign;
     character = '';
     for (i = 0; i <edge length; i ++) {
     printf ("-% c- \ n", character);
     return 0;

Start with pseudo-code. If you were trying to tell someone how to draw the x, what would you say? If you can't figure out the general case (length=n) then start with a specific case (length=5) and write out one step for each row. Then try to generalize each row. That will give you the loop for length=5. From there you should be able to generalize for length=n.

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