i dont want to know the result,

i want to know the (outputs) and any other example similer to the quation to understand.

A milk carton can hold 3.78 liters of milk. Each morning, a dairy farm ships cartons of milk to a local grocery store. The cost of producing one liter of milk is $0.38, and the profit of each carton of milk is $0.27. Write a program that does the following:
Prompts the user to enter the total amount of milk produced in the morning
Outputs the number of milk cartons needed to hold milk (Round your answer to the nearest integer.)
Outputs the cost of producing milk
Outputs the profit for producing milk

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i have the answer in C++ but i only want to know the ((((outputs in pytion))))

The outputs should be the same no matter what language you code it in, at least if you code it correctly.

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