java i have a assignment of oop by using java can any body help me pz

: Design and implement these four classes Employee, MonthlySalEmployee, HourlySalEmployee, Company and implement the following functions:

⦁ Create an application class with N HourlySalaryEmployee objects and N MonthlySalEmployee objects.
⦁ Create constructors, accessor and mutator as per your need in the program
⦁ Should ask the user to input the data for the MonthlySalEmployee and parent class attribute, same for the HourlySalEmployee class
⦁ should calculate average salary of all Hourly Employee and Monthly Employee respectively
⦁ Displayinfo() should display all the information of the all the attributes of the class and parent class and salary.
⦁ calcSal() should calculate salary according to class criteria

Hello. We can help you learn how to do this, but we won’t do it for you. What have you got so far?

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Then I'm sorry, but you have left it far too late. All you can do is to learn from this mistake and start your next project in good time.

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