I need to get data from a C++ application to a spread sheet or notepad file, has anyone any idea how to do this. I have access to programme source code but not sure where to start.

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Explain a bit more. How is the program outputting the data now? Is it a console applitcation or a GUI application.

If the output is currently displayed in the console, the easiest method is to redirect the output to a text file.

If it is a GUI application, you will have to "read some file handling" in C tutorials.

Rather than outputting directly to an excel worksheet, it is easiest to output the data into a Comma Seperated Value formatted file ( CSV File ), and read the data using MS Excel or Open Office Excel into a worksheet.

read this article if you don't mind spending a few days learning how to do Office Automation in C++. I understand its easier with .NET but I haven't tried it myself.

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