Hello everyone!

I'm sorry to bother you all, but I really need your help. I'm an economy and management student at uni, but somewhy I have to deal with programming.
We got a task that looks like this:

There's a 5x5 sized field where there are 8-8 disks for both side.
|x|x|x| | |
|x|x|x| | |
|x|x| |o|o|
| | | o|o|o|
| | | o|o|o|

You can move to the adjacent fields and jump over the other disks if there's an empty space behind them.

The thing is I have 0 interest in programming and I just want to get over with this.
I have to do it with visual studio and in windows forms.
Any help would be much appreciated and I'd be so grateful if some of you sent me an actual solution.
Thank you!

You will be working in your chosen career well through the middle of the 2100's
Computer skills will be absolutely essential for you to use the necessary tools and technologies.
Your teachers are trying to help you acquire those skills. Maybe you won't be using visual studio, but the understanding you gain will be transportable to any other computer situation.

You can sulk and show no interest, and fail, and lack the skills to be employed in your chosen career
you can see this for the opportunity it is and get on with learning.
If you choose that second approach (and I hope you do) people here will help you.
If you prefer ingorance and a cheated solution then you have come to the wrong place.

"The thing is I have 0 interest in programming and I just want to get over with this."

Then let your solution show this. Far better to submit what you feel is your work than pay for something at Chegg then pay again over the years for cheating.

Just write something. It doesn't have to work, it only is to show your current commitment and skill.

The most important skill you will learn in school is the ability to learn on your own. If you can't pick up new skills in school with a teacher then you likely will fail at this on your own. In today's high tech world that would put you a lot lower on the employable scale than someone who doesn't lack that ability. In your career you will be asked to do many things you have little or no interest in doing. Get used to it.