; Data
section     .data
extern printMSG
extern exitNormal
extern printRAX
extern printRBX
extern printRCX
extern printRDX
extern getByteArray
extern printByteArray
extern printEndl

startPrompt     db "Welcome to the amazing dice game, press enter to start "
startPromptLen  dq 54
rerollPrompt    db "Enter any numbers you want to keep "
rerollPromptLen dq 35 

section     .bss
roll    resb 5
die     resb 1
reroll  resb 5

; Code 
section     .text

global _start

; Header
mov rdi, 0xd
call printMSG
mov rdi, 0x0
call printMSG

; Dice Game 
; Prompt the user
mov rsi, startPrompt
mov dl, [startPromptLen]
call printByteArray
call printEndl

call getByteArray

; Roll for 5 random values
mov rcx, 0
    rdrand rax
    xor rdx, rdx
    mov rbx, 6
    div rbx
    inc rdx
    call printRDX
    mov byte [roll+rcx-1], dl
    inc rcx 
cmp rcx, 5
jle rollTheDice 

; Display the roll to user
mov rcx, 5
    mov al, byte [roll+rcx-1]
    add al, 0x30
    mov byte [die], al
    mov rsi, die 
    mov rdx, 0x1
    call printByteArray
cmp rcx, 0
jne displayDice

call printEndl

; Display the reroll prompt 
mov rsi, rerollPrompt
mov dl, [rerollPromptLen]
call printByteArray
call printEndl

; Accept 0-5 numbers
mov rsi, reroll
mov dl, 0x5
call getByteArray

; reroll the appropriate dice
; display the roll

call    exitNormal
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