So i have to create a programm that reads 7-49 numbers and makes all posible combinations (6 number each) from the given numbers. Do you know how can i do this? I dont ask for the code ready but i cant think of a way i can create the combinations.

Break it down into smaller tasks.

  1. Do you know how to create programs in, using your tags in assembly, c++ and visual-basic for windows? (maybe you should pick one language.)
  2. Once you can create the basic program (many start with "Hello World!") then you can tackle your design (design before code.)
  3. Part of the design would be to look at your requirements and break it down to managable tasks.
  4. Pick that task then code that task.

If you are stuck on a task, then share that code along with what issue you think has you stumped. If you want others to code for you, then state the full design along with the price you will pay.

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