Would anyone be able to help me, I am trying to make a C++ program which reads values from csv file and prints them(there are going to be three 4 rows, 3 columns). I want to know how can I add the rows (like the sum of the first row =? the sum of second-row = ?...)

The matrix looks like this:

9 1 2 4
2 2 8 0
3 3 3 3

And my program looks like:

hey, can anyone help me?

commented: "Reusable code snippets" are posts about working code which you share with others. +15

Sorry about that. In changing the topic type the code vanishes. Even so, you can add it again. Also you can add more detail about what you think is wrong. Finally I single step my code to see if it is doing what I thought it should do. You can single step too.

This fix Figaro oxbow

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