Actually my program will be read some input, as example :-

Then, I want to copy all the data into array and filter out any duplicate or same record..Finally the program will be print the result without duplicate records ?

Could somebody guide me how to solved this ?


Actually my program will be read some input, as example :-

So, I would like to copy all the data into array or whatever and print it at the end of my program. Could some body help me ?

Don't understand. The user must enter numbers or chars? Both? To copy chars to buffer you can use for example memcopy or better memmove

Oh sorry...

Users must enter both (number & char)..

Ok you can use those library functions which I mentioned (include string.h ). But you shold post your code for more asistance, becouse forum members can't understand clearly what problem you dealing with and what programming language you use.
[edit] OK I see you edited your post now its more clearly but anyway post your code[/edit]

So how much have you managed yourself?
- reading a line in
- separating the number and the word
- storing them in an array

Post what you can achieve, then the answer will be more likely tuned to your specific needs.

It also shows you've done some work and not just dumped your assignment on a message board.

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