i'm not too sure if this is the correct place to ask for this in this particular forum

i'm working on to make a USB PIC programmer. is it possible to modify the firmware for 16F628 used in Wisp628 board, so that it can be burnt into an 18F4550 instead, and use that instead of 16F628 and MX232 combination seen in Wisp628 board? any1 has any experience modifying those kind of codes?
and the firmware for 16F628 is in Hex, is there a way to diassemble it into C or, if assembly also would be good, and then modify it to make it work with 18F4550?


has any1 got experience doing so using FT232BM ICs? can it be used to replace MX232 in wisp628?

any feedback would be appreciated. tq in advance

I am not too sure if this is the correct forum either. The most appropriate IMHO is the Assembly Forum or the support forum of the manufacturer (if any). If you want this thread moved to the Assembly forum, reply in the affirmative in this thread, and a moderator will do it for you.

oh.. thank you for your suggestion.. assembly forum is definitely a better place for this thread. i noticed a number or PIC based enquiries there. sorry for not noticing that section earlier.

You may also have better luck going straight to the source.

Embedded systems have lots of quirks. And you'll certainly find more folks with direct relavant advice there.

Okay. Thread Moved to the Assembly Section.

Hi BombAppetit,
I'm also making a USB PIC Programmer.I used Kit 149 from
It's a good programmer supporting a wide range of microcontrollers and ... .So go for it.
It's an application that is installed with some PDFs describing the construction of different PIC programmers.It uses FT232BM for communicating with USB port.:DI like this IC.
I'm also teaching PIC microcontroller assembly.
Tell me if you need any help.
Take a look at this forum:
in microcontroller section and also others.

Good luck.

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