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.X files are basically Microsoft format of 3d model files which are used in the game development industry for storing the 3D model information.

And as far as manipultaing them is concerned, you can use a 3d Modeling tool like Blender to make your own .X files and change existing ones.

Hope it helped, bye.


What are something.X files and how to edit them?


Don't know. And if you don't know, why would you want to edit them?


Yeah there are many out there, and all the tools that supprt 3d modelling support the .X file format. But all of them may not be for free. THe one which i mentioned, blender is a free tool which has gained a lot of recognition but if you can spend money then definately go for 3DS MAX or MAYA which are the best in the industry for such purposes.

Maybe HERE you will find some free tools.

Hope it helped, bye.

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