Im planning in buying this.
Is this all I need to start coding?



The Visual Studio® 2005 Standard Edition from Microsoft® is a comprehensive, high productivity professional development environment for individual developers for building enhanced performance, multi-tier applications for Windows®, Web, and common consumer mobile devices. It allows you to build line-of-business applications using programming languages like Visual Basic, C#, C++, and J#. It features drag-and-drop visual designers, enhanced code editing and debugging environment for Windows, Web and Mobile applications. It even offers web services and integrated design tools to access remote data for creating client/server applications. Integrated SQL reporting services allows you to easily summarize, tabulate, and display output. Moreover, it enables you to take advantage of full debugging tools, pre-compilation of Web sites, and 508/WCAG accessibility checking to create department-grade Web applications. In addition, it significantly reduces the amount of code you have to write and debug for common programming scenarios with hundreds of reusable controls. With all these features and more, the Visual Studio® 2005 Standard Edition is the ideal development solution for the entry-level professionals.

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Thanx for the reply. Yes, Im a beginner and I have use the beta doing some basics tutorials and I want it to get the full version, just wanna to make sure Im getting something good.



The free Express edition is better for beginners because it doesn't cost anything except download time. Use it for awhile and if you like it you can always buy the Standard or Pro edition. The Express edition does not include some whissles-and-bells that the standard edition includes, but beginners don't need those anyway. The most important thing right now is to learn the C and C++ languages, and the Express edition will allow you to do that quite adequately.

Also, the Express editon contains the same basic compiler that all the other editions contain. The difference between the editions is not the compiler but the add-ons, such as Microsoft Foundation Class (MFC). You don't need all that just to learn the language.

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