I made a Cpp application wihich links with shared objects. But when I runs the application, it crashes surprisingly before entering into the main() control block. After trying with gdb I came to know it is crashing while reading symbols from a library. GDB says something like

Reading symbols from /utran/hmsDO/lib/linux/debug/libNcdd.so...Segmentation fault

and it core dumps. This binary is not part o my project, given by someone else. but if I use this library in some other application it works fine. One thing to note here my application was working fine last week, I rollbacked all the changes (not looking at the checkouted file in clearcase) but still I got the same problem.

anyone can help me please provide me your valuable suggestion, ideas and solutions. I will be very gr8full to all.

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Hmm as such its very vague coz u see both the binary and the application along with shared object resides at your own PC and even you uploaded it here no one would have the time to go through it. Be a bit more specific and try localising the problem a bit.

Best of luck for the project.

Try rebuilding the other apps. If they don't work it sounds like your libNcdd.so got corrupted and you need to replace it.

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