Hey everyone. I had a few questions and I was hoping you could point me in the right direction. I'm currently taking a C++ class in college. I learned C last year and the transition has been relatively easy. I understand a majority of C++(probably 75-80%), I just have problems with santax and a few minor things. Next summer I plan on getting an internship with a software development company and this is where my questions start. Ive done alot of basic programs using any and all functions and all that, but I was wondering how these little programs are implemented into software applications that giant firms use for banking systems or something like that. I've read alot of tutorials and tried to find information about this but they just show me how to write in C++, not how to change these programs into application software. Any information that anyone could give me would be much apprecaited. Thanks, and sorry for the essay above:)

Application development just appears natural to you when you gain enough knowledge to code an application all by your own accord. So if you still fuzzy on how applications are made then you havent quite reached the mark.

Application developement in C++ is no different from the simple programs you used to write except now those small programs become the modules or small part of some big time application.

Also the concept of GUI (graphical user interface) libraray comes into play which you have to use to render text boxes, buttons and handle button events.

If you need to explore or experiment with such libraries i would recommend an Opensource GTK+ library for application development in C++. Just google for it and you will be able to find out from where it can be downloaded as well as the forums and tutorials related to it.