friends we are going to make an auto dialer in Java itself so plz tell me how to initiate this
thank you

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Learn Java?

Learn about how Auto Dialers work?

Put the two together?

Come on, really, this is a pretty vague question. You would be much better served pasting it into Google.

Have you ever tried OzML (Ozeki XML language)? Using that, it is absolutely easy to build a great autodialer. In addition, you can add more advanced functionalities with SQL OzML and HTTP OzML. There is a simple example, check it:

    <UserInput Timeout="5" Repeat="true">
                Your customer account number is 454565. Press 1 to send it as an
                SMS to your mobile, press 2 if you have recorded it and you
                don't wish to receive it as an SMS
            <Input Key="1">
                <SendSms Recipient="+062554670">
                    Your customer account number is 454565.
                <Speak>We sent you the SMS. Good bye!</Speak>
            <Input Key="2">
                <Speak>Good bye!</Speak>
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SimonRobert: did you really have to revive a seven year old thread for this?

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Hey everyone! I'm interested in building an autodialer. Your tip sounds interesting! But can you tell me a bit more about 'OzML'? What is this? I have never heared about this before. Thanks

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Tedmorrow, please leave this thread alone, it's old and it wants to rest in peace.

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Come guys, the way this looks with the one poster having 2 posts and the other only 1, I think this is some kind of amateurish promotion "scam" for this product and BOTH users are probably the same guy, and probably someone related to if not the owner of the product.

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And, both have exactly the same IP address. SO, yes, a bait and respond spam scam if you ask me.

ban the accounts and lock the thread?

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