I've been wondering about console programming. Not the book example type stuff, but the 'real' console programming. Stuff that seems to use things like ncurses, or something like that I assume. I found a good tutorial on what I'm looking for:
but I'm wanting something that goes a little more in depth, or just tells a little more about that.
If I'm making it hard to understand just let me know and I'll revise.


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quite frankly I don't think there are a whole lot of programs out there in the commercial world that use win32 api console functions very extensively -- most programs have GUI front ends. But here is a link to some example programs.

Well it's not really for commercial use. It's more becuase I'm interested in it. And actualy, I'm really talking about a console program within a GUI program.
I.E: You've got a GUI, but the main window has a section that looks like a console window, and that's where most of the input and output is. I've seen quite a few buinesses using programs like this, and they always interest me because of the speed at which someone (who knows the program) can work. But like I said, I'm doing this more from personal interest, than trying to make a commercial app.

Here is one example of how that's done.

Here is another example

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