My goal is to perform a single SQL query (“select xxx from yyyy etc etc”) to a Database over a LAN, using BORLAND C++ 4.5 and managing USERNAME and PASSWORD.

I tried 2 methods so far
Method N.1) I used “Tquery”, TdataSource and TDBedit components linked togheter and it works but….I need to manage USERNAME and PASSWORD runtime so I’m trying the following method N.2

Method N.2) I’m using TdataBase. Although I can Open the DataBase I don’t know how to perform the SQL Query. Do I have to use the Tquery component? In which way? How can I refer the Tquery to the Tdatabase component? Can you give me a simple example?
Thank you a lot!

Another option you might consider is standard ODBC which will make your program more portable to other compilers should you ever decide to change compilers. There are a number of free c++ ODBC class you can download off the net.