Hi, this is officially my first post on this website. I hope this goes well.. I am currently in a data structures class and I need to write a program with the idea of sparce matrices.

From what I gather, in a matrix of values there sometimes is a large probability to have a lot of zeros as values. This is a waste of space, time, money, blah blah blah. So basically the idea is to have a sparce matrix, a matrix that does look like a 2D array, but rather something different and you represent the 0s in the data differently.

The program description suggests using linked lists. I thought I'd use doubly linked lists and node types with somehow implementing a way to specify if there is zeros for empty matrix values...

My question to you is first, do you have any ideas and secondly, since this seems to be a diverse community of programmers, do any of you know where on the internet I could find some good info on this type of stuff?

I also have another inquery, so far this semester I've gone without any C++ book but as next rolls around I'm sure I'll need some type of book. Are there any suggested books for algorhythms and such in C++?

Thanks for any of the help

As far as the book question is concerned, I just noticed there is a sticky for C++ books. Sorry that I wasn't more observant.

Thanks, I really appreciate the links. I think it will be a great resource. I just noticed that I also lack the ability to type "sparse" correctly.

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