Phaelax 52 Practically a Posting Shark

For awhile now, I've been using Mac to code java. Though my programs compile and run fine, I always get these errors. Using the same project to compile on windows with the same IDE(netbeans), I dont get them. I was hoping someone would be able to shed some light on this for me.

2006-12-17 18:17:43.447 java[762] CFLog (0): CFMessagePort: bootstrap_register(): failed 1103 (0x44f), port = 0x11303, name = 'java.ServiceProvider'
See /usr/include/servers/bootstrap_defs.h for the error codes.
2006-12-17 18:17:43.457 java[762] CFLog (99): CFMessagePortCreateLocal(): failed to name Mach port (java.ServiceProvider)
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