Apple Wifi Hack. Hoax!?

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Recently one of the most talked about things is this Apple Wifi hack that was demonstrated by a group called SecureWorks at one of the largest security conferences, Defcon. Here is a link to the video so you guys can watch the video yourselves. Now Here is a link to an article similiar to most articles saying that this video is a hoax. Now if you have watched the video and read an article or similiar one than a question comes to mind. Why are the people writing all these articles and going on and on about something you would already know?

In about the first 10 secs of the video the demonstrator from Secureworks explains that this attack is not a Mac specific hack and that they are in fact using a 3rd party Wifi card with 3rd drivers. He also states the same disclaimer at the end of the video. In most of the articles the first thing they will say is that it is a hoax and that they were really using a 3rd party card/drivers and not the built in Mac book card. Now I dont get it did these "Journalists" just miss the first and last ten or so seconds of the video? They couldnt have the demonstrator made it a clear fact that this is not exclusively associated in anyway with Apple's Wifi card, or Apple's operating system. Which would be another article claim that this doesnt effect just OS X. Again yea you would know if you had watched the video. I could see the article being about how the exploit doesnt work with those cards and drivers then saying its a hoax, but I highly doubt SecureWorks would show off something like that at a huge security conference.

The part that really gets me is that even those these facts are clearly stated that articles like these are popping up all over the blogosphere and on sites like Digg. How could so many professional columnists miss the bigest part of the video which proves the point of the article. I dont see how you can argue about something that was already stated to be true. [FLAME]And the Mac fanboys of the internet certainly are adding to these articles. I have commented on several of these articles posted on Digg and stated simply that they should already know this. Then As I suspected I get digged down and a whole list of comments follows about how this article is great and how SecureWorks should be sued and other ridiculous claims. This always seems to be the case and point with the Apple fans on any Digg story involving something to do with Apple. Another point today someone posted an article about the taskbar feature in the windows version of iTunes and last time I looked it had close to about 2000 views. That is a lot of views for a feature I would consider fairly well known. While going the comments I noticed how someone said "well apple did create itunes" and I corrected them and said no they didnt they bought it just like final cut pro. Again a slew of fanboy hate.[/FLAME]

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The trouble is that there are far too many wannabe journalists, and not enough experienced, trained, professionals.

While I am all for the whole blogging concept (duh) and even have a certain respect for many of those participating in 'people journalism' the problem seems to be that far too many people are willing to accept anything 'published' online as fact. This is compounded by the Google effect, where a search reveals a large volume of hits all saying the same thing. That the thing is wrong doesn't matter, by virtue of volume it has become the accepted truth.

This is where professional journalists used to come in, acting as filters for the rumor mongers and gossip spreaders, removing fact from fiction (on the whole) and presenting the former whether wrapped in opinion or straight from the bottle, facts nonetheless.

Yes, I am biased.

Yes, I am a member of the National Union of Journalists in the UK.

Yes, I am bitter about how a profession is being devalued.

Yes, I wish that lazy journalism, Google journalism, could be stopped - but I doubt that will happen any time soon. Expect things to get much worse before they get any better.

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I couldnt agree more. Just because something is on the front page of digg more and more people will assume that the article is true (which in this case they are, but the arguement has already been proven) and not even bother to look at the originating content.

LOL case and point I submitted this story to digg and right off the bat someone commented saying that this same story had already been submitted and obviously did not bother to read it.

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