I've been learning C in a course for almost a year now (twice a week 3 hours a night).
I'm about to be tested soon and I shouldn't have trouble passing the test for C. The questions are all about "find the largets value in a vector" or "what does "a" equal after a=b*(c++)-(a|34)+a<<12" and things like that (only much more complicated).
After every thing I learnt I wouldn't even know how to BEGIN to write a REAL program or game with C. I want to be able to wrie real programs/games with C. Like making the game "snake" for example.

How do you guys suggest I go about filling in the major gaps? I spent all day today going thru the "help" that comes with my compiler about "graphics.h" and that's just the tip of the ice. I need a neet and planned out way to learn all the necessery functions and stuff.

Any suggestions?


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