Hello, i am currently a First year university student, and i am taking an advanced C and C++ programming course, but i am having difficulties.. i do not know how to study for it, i did miserably on my first midterm, and i need to pass this course, does anyone have any study tips that can help me? Sorry by the way that this is not a thread about a code program.

Thank you for your help

C/C++ isn't the easiest thing to learn, especially if you've never had much experience in programming before. So then why are you taking an advanced programming course? (Assuming of course, that you haven't really had an introduction to C/C++.)

My suggestion would be this: to code more. I know that you can simply do homework assignments, but if that isn't enough to help you learn the language, start writing more of your own programs. See how much you can write without using an external source. If the code doesn't work, ask for help here. Don't let them sit there waiting to be fixed. And remember: you learn by your mistakes, so get your hands dirty with C and C++, and I'm sure you'll be able to pass.

I concur with joe in that the best way to learn C/C++ is to simply program, program and program. I learned C/C++ in about 2 days, no kidding. How I did it, as a lot of passionate programmers do, I bought a good book, read each chapter, tried to write a program at the end with the new knowledge I'd acquired and moved on, progressing every chapter. Once you fully understand a concept try to use what you know and be creative on how you solve a problem. Just remember, you've got to allow yourself to retain what you'd read previously, then move on until the end of the book. Once you're done you can catagorize your knowledge of C/C++, in your head, and use the concepts to write a C/C++ program. I learned C/C++, then I decided to go to school. I was that inspired. But like joeprogrammer had said, best way to learn is to get your hands dirty. :) I should clarify when I say, "catagorize the concepts learned"; Example, C++ would be associated with OOPs and classes or objects are associated with OOPs and classes in C++ have their components, required and/or non-required (i.e protected:) section for inherited classes.

Good luck, LamaBot

Thank you very much, i will try to code as much as i can. and to answer your question about the course, its a required course in the university, and it counts for credit towards my graduation. thank you again for the help.

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