I have to write a program that can connect family members. The program should be able to input a name and find the parents and/or granparents of that person. I was wondering how to do this and i have no idea where to start. I am a beginning student and this is way over my head.:confused:

you are a beginner and your instructor gave you an advanced assignment like that :eek:

you will first have to build a linked list of names. After entering a name from the keyboard search that linked list for it.

If you do not know anything at all about c/c++ language or about linked lists you have a couple choices
(1) drop that class and sign up for an introduction to c or c++ class so that you can learn things that are suited to your current level of understanding.
(2) be prepared to do a lot of reading/studying about linked lists and console keyboard input. Your text book should cover all these topics.
(3) read through some of the stickies at the top of this board. There is a wealth of information for beginners as well as more advanced students.