Hi Frnds,

I am making one application in java which queries with the printer using snmp protocol , I am throwing Object IDs and getting the result back from printer , i ma using java snmp package , but when i throw one oid , i am getting the exception snmpBadValueException:Problem while decoding snmp :packet truncated or corrupt, I want to knw the root cause of this exception why it comes . Possibilites that i guess are:-
a)The data which we are getting from UDP is very large (image of printer in hex format), so not coming properly, that may be the reason but how can we surely check this?

Help is urgently required !!



I'm also doinga project in SNMP. I downloaded an application that uses java snmp package.While running the program, I got the Class not found: snmp/SNMPObject Exception. But the SNMPObject class is present in the snmp.jar file and class path has been set to the snmp.jar file.Please tell me how to overcome this.

Thanks in advance..