please help using keil compiler for 80c51..
how to writ assembly program and compile iot in keil...

please help.... :sad:

Hi Arrogant,
sorry for delay.Some days before i joined the site and i searched the unanswered threads.If u got the answer of your question then this help is for them who don't know about KEIL Compiler and want to know.
It's very easy to work with Keil if you know how to write the programs in c or assembly language.I am writing the basic steps to compile and run a program in assembly language:
1.open the keil
2.open project window and then select a new project and save it by any name like exam1.
3.Now a "select device for target 'target1' " window will appear.
Select the name of the chip vendor (Intel, Philips, Siemens, etc.) in the Vendor box.Select the device family from the drop down menu in the Family box.Enter the part number for the device in the Device box.I select ATMEL,after clicking on Atmel it will give device no.i select AT89C52.
4.Now in "project workspace"(window on the left side),target1 will appear.Click on target1,source group1 will appear
5.open new file and write a program in assembly.save it with .asm (like 'exam.asm')
6.Now right click on the "source group1' .select "add files to group 'source group1'"
give the file name like 'exam.asm, and add it and close that window.again left click on the source group1, you can see the added file.
7.Right click on this added file and select " build target".By this you can compile your program. check the output window. if your pro is compiled proprly then go to 'Debug'
8.select 'start/stop debug session'
9.in project workspace you can see how your program is running.
10.again go to 'Debug' and see F11 is there for running your program step-by-step.
11.press F11 or F5.
12.again go to Debug and select 'start/stop debug session' to stop the program.

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