can somebody help us in our problem in C language,, im a frend of stringgader,, this is my problem:

write an interactive C program that will convert a date,entered in the form mm-dd-yy(example: 4-12-99)into an integer that indicates the numbers of days beyond January 1, 1980. If the year not extend beyond 1999(i.e,if yy< or =99),we can make use of the following relationship:

the day of the current year can be determined approximately as

day = (int) (30.42 * (mm - 1)) + dd

if mm ==2(february), increase the value of the day by 1.
if mm > 2 and mm < 8(march,april,may.june or july),decrease
the value of the day by 1.
if yy == 0 and mm > 2 (leap year), increase the value of the by 1.
increase thwe value opf the day by 1461 for each 4 full year cycle beyound 1-1-80
increase the dayby 365 for each additional full year beyond the completion for the last full 4 yr cycle, then add i for the most recent leapyear.

> im a frend of stringgader,,
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> this is my problem:
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