I need to do something like Play MIDI voice (in the C++ code Snippets page 5), actually, that's exactly what I need, but I would like to make it work in Visual C++ 2005... can someone help me with the configuration steps to make the project work?


You just need to write the file in the device which plays midi file
in unix it is as simple as
cat midifile > /dev/mid0
however in windows, I think there are free library available which can help you playing midi file

Do You know a way to play MIDI sounds in visual C++?
Can someone help me with a piece of example code here?


Thanks if You can help

Maybe something like this or this.

Though it would be of no use to use if you don't have a firm grasp of the language.

Ok, i think I got it from the MSDN, the problem is that I just need to play a MIDI voice, not a full file.
So I needes something like Sound(Freq, Time, Instrument, Volume); to make the sounds that i read from a database. But it's ok...

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