Hello again,

I was working on Linux platform for a lot of time now and now I am moving to windows (because of job).
Today I was accepted to wow project, and I have to start with developing apps for windows.
I have a doubt. I dont know what to start with:
C++ using WIN 32 API or C#.

What do you think is faster to learn, better (with more features), portable and powerfoul as well?

Please recommend me the right thing, including your opinions and help me to decide.



>What do you think is faster to learn
I'd say C# is quicker to learn.

>better (with more features)
C++ has way more features. You aren't limited to the .NET framework if you choose to work with the WinAPI. There's also an increased performance because you aren't using the .NET runtime environment to execute your application.


>and powerfoul as well
C++. For the same reasons discussed previously.

As you can see, there isn't one language that suits all. It all depends on project you're working on. May I quote some overused cliches? "Use the right tool for the right job." Or... "When the only tool you have is a hammer, everything begins to look like a nail." ;)

I decided for C++ because I have a C++ basisics and Qt knowlege
umm....May you recommend me a good book which covers:

- win32 API
- GUI programming
- Making DLL s
- win socket

Thanks in advance:

My project wants dl Libs, GUI, and working with network. I have to write some software for wow servers.

I have 6 months of time, so please give me good sources.

Thanks in advance

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