Java program with a menu of 6 items.
-each of the 6 items has a check box
-when the food is selected it appears to the right saying that so n so was selected.
-then i just need a welcome screen before that to introduce the program
-then the user needs to select either cash or credit card.
-upon this selection a random order number needs to pop up and appear.
-if they choose credit card it needs to be accepted by a built in number in the code.
thats it:X

thats it...or anything more you need?..plz mention that

no thats it and its due soon ive tried everything i even posted before for help too can ya help me out here?

also it needs to be able to do a total bc each item has to have a value tied to it so i was thinking for the items on the menu ( Hot dog $2, Hamburger $3, Coke $1, Ice Cream $2, Salad $3, Water $2 , Desert $4) so it would have a total at the bottom

The program is due by 9:30 am its 7:51 am can anyone help i have posted before and not many responses. If anyone get the full code and it works i would willing to send $25 back in great graditude

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