Hello. This is my first time posting and i hope i'm not going against any rules. I got an assignment where i had to translate High level programming language (Turing) to low level language (Assembly). The following was the Turing code:

var x, y : array 1 .. 20 of int
for i : 1 .. 20
      y (i)  := x (i)
end for

Just assume x,y are initialized 0

So i converted it but i think i may have done some things incorrectly. Here is what i did. Please tell me if its right or wrong and if its wrong please point out whats wrong with it. Thank you

0100 MVI A 00
0102 STA 1008
0105 LXI B 10FF
0108 LXI D 15FF
010D INX B
010E INX D
010F LDA 1008
0112 DCR A
0113 STA 1008
0116 JNZ 010B
0119 HLT

what assembler are you using? I don't recognize some of those assembly instructions. See complete listing of 8085 instruction set here.

I just started assembly so i don't know much. but from the link you provided it says x86 instruction listings. The one i'm using is 8085. All the instructions i provided are correct. i just don't know if the program itself is correct. If you do not get one of the instructions i can easily explain to you what it does. I'm just not sure if my logic is correct in this program.

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