Hi! I have one project. The title is Engineering Journal Program.
I don't know how to start and please help me...
Below is my program description....

Engineering Journal Assignment
Problem Description:

You are to write a program to manage an engineering journal.
An engineering journal is a record of a person’s activities and thoughts while they work on a project.
Entries are added to a journal but they can not be deleted.
An employer can read a worker’s engineering journal to see how they are going.
The format of this journal will be simple.
Each entry will have a one line title and a one paragraph text entry (an example text file is provided).
Encoding and Decoding
When the program is executed it will ask for a 4-digit pin (e.g. 1234 or 4220).
The pin is to be stored in the program as an integer array.
You are to use this pin to encode and decode the journal entries, but NOT the title – it is to remain in plain text.
When an entry is saved it is encode: each character has the integer value of the text digit in the pin added to the character.
When an entry is read it is decoded: each character has the integer value subtracted from the character to decode.
So to encode the entry when saving to file:
The first digit will be added to the first character of the text.
The second digit will be added to the second character of the text.
The third digit will be added to the third character of the text.
The fourth digit will be added to the fourth character of the text.
The first digit will be added to the first character of the text.
….and so the cycle repeats.
E.g. if using the pin 1234, the entry abcdefg would be encode as bdfhfhj.
(a + 1 = b, b + 2 = d, c + 3 = f, d + 4 = h, e + 1 = f, f + 2 = h, g + 3 = j)
Program Features (See sample output below for more details)
The program is to provide the following menu options:
• Display a list of all the titles in the journal.
• Display the contents of a specified entry (by number)
• Add an entry to the journal
• Quit
Error Handling
You are to handle the errors if the program fails to open a file for reading or writing (with appropriate error messages). You are also to display an error and re-prompt the user if they do not enter 4 characters for the pin, or if the pin contains a non-numeric character (e.g. 123a or b321).
Note that you do not need to keep the list of titles or journals entries in memory. You can read them from the file each time entries or titles are displayed.

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