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Alright, here's what I'm faced with, and I'm not a VB coder (I'm the guy who does PHP and some C++, so VB is quite a new ballgame for me).

What I have is a very large network environment where we are replacing some proprietary software, and it requires reinstallation of existing printers/drivers/ports. The existing installation of the printers is using the "Generic / Text Only" driver. So I figured it wouldn't be difficult, using prnadmin.dll, to delete the printer based on it's driver. (These systems only have one "Generic / Text Only" printer installed also).

So here's what I did, and it failed, and I don't know why. It is based off the code found here (link)

dim oMaster
set oMaster = CreateObject("PrintMaster.PrintMaster.1")
set oPrinter = CreateObject("Printer.Printer.1")
oPrinter.DriverName = "Generic / Text Only"
oMaster.PrinterDel oPrinter

That comes up with a context error, so I figured you had to specify it by the PrinterName property. Now in prnadmin.dll tools pack, there is a vbs script called prnmgr.vbs that will list all printers on yours system, so I attempted to modify that method, and it failed miserably (download dll and vbs scripts here)

dim oMaster
set oMaster = CreateObject("PrintMaster.PrintMaster.1")
for each oPrinter in oMaster.Printers("")
  if oPrinter.DriverName = "Generic / Text Only" then
    oMaster.PrinterDel oPrinter
  end if

That does nothing. However, it's almost identical to the code in the prnmgr.vbs script. I replaced the if statement to display the DriverName and it doesn't display anything.

There's gotta be a way to do this, I'm just not a VB programmer to find it. Any help?

You guys have always been great here! Thanks in advance!

PS: Here is the ListPrinters code from the prnmgr.vbs script:

function ListPrinters(strServer)

    on error resume next

    DebugPrint kDebugTrace, "In ListPrinter"

    dim oMaster
    dim oPrinter
    dim iRetval

    set oMaster = CreateObject("PrintMaster.PrintMaster.1")

    for each oPrinter in oMaster.Printers(strServer)

        if Err.Number = kErrorSuccess then

            wscript.echo ""
            wscript.echo "ServerName      : " & oPrinter.ServerName
            wscript.echo "PrinterName     : " & oPrinter.PrinterName
            wscript.echo "ShareName       : " & oPrinter.ShareName
            wscript.echo "DriverName      : " & oPrinter.DriverName
            wscript.echo "PortName        : " & oPrinter.PortName
            wscript.echo "Comment         : " & oPrinter.Comment
            wscript.echo "Location        : " & oPrinter.Location
            wscript.echo "SepFile         : " & oPrinter.SepFile
            wscript.echo "PrintProcesor   : " & oPrinter.PrintProcessor
            wscript.echo "DataType        : " & oPrinter.DataType
            wscript.echo "Parameters      : " & oPrinter.Parameters
            wscript.echo "Attributes      : " & CSTR(oPrinter.Attributes)
            wscript.echo "Priority        : " & CSTR(oPrinter.Priority)
            wscript.echo "DefaultPriority : " & CStr(oPrinter.DefaultPriority)
            wscript.echo "StartTime       : " & CStr(oPrinter.StartTime)
            wscript.echo "UntilTime       : " & CStr(oPrinter.UntilTime)
            wscript.echo "Status          : " & CStr(oPrinter.Status)
            wscript.echo "Jobc Count      : " & CStr(oPrinter.Jobs)
            wscript.echo "AveragePPM      : " & CStr(oPrinter.AveragePPM)



            wscript.echo "Unable to list printers, error: 0x" & _
                         Hex(Err.Number) & ". " & Err.Description

            ListPrinters = kErrorFailure

            exit function

        end if


    wscript.echo "Success listing printers"

    ListPrinters = kErrorSuccess

end function
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