Hi every=one,

This is in continuation to my last post. Eve after initialising the 2d pointer a, as suggested, the same probllem as described earlier persists.

Plz help



The code below calculates the determinant of the matrix. I know that the method of global 2-d pointers is a poor programming practice (so u don't need to reply saying that!!!), but it is a simple method for an amateur programmer. As the code didn't work, I set two watches,
(After giving the input as a 3x3 matrix with elements numbered from 1 to 9) one on e[k][l] & another on b[k1][l1]. To my surprise, b[k1][l1] got modified on its own inspite the fact that e[k][l] at k=1 and l=1 had the value of 5.

Somebody plz help me out.


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appears to be buffer overrun -- since you decided to start a whole new thread I can't see what you previously posted, and I'm too lazy to look. you need to post your code in THIS thread and not expect anyone to look in other threads for it.

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