hello everybody,
I am a beginner in C++. I got a CD with a C++ how to program,fifth edition book by Deitel which has the source codes included in the books. The source code for ATM case study is in parts i.e. user defined header files r dere which includes class definition, and class member function definition (cpp files) r dere 4 d same header file. Also there is one main cpp file to run the program. Now if i run the program by opening it in turbo C++ window from my CD, it doesnot includes the user defined header files. I have copied the user defined header file in include folder which contains all other pre defined header files and dont know where to include the class member fuction definition file...U can have a look at the program at
Please give me the steps which i shud follow 2 run that program and also tell me if there r any other errors in the source code...

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Normally when you want to include a predefined header file in your program it is done like this

#include<[I]nameof headerfile.h[/I]>

Whereas if you want to include user defined header files you do it by

#include"[I]name of headerfile.h[/I] "

This will make the compiler to look for your header file where your main CPP file is present.

I hope that this solves your problem


... header files r dere...
... function definition r dere 4 d same header file...
... i shud follow 2 run ... there r ...

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