Hi all,

I would like to execute a shell script from my java code. Can some one please tell me if that is possible? Here's what I tried, but with no result.

public class RunPDCC
        public static void main(String[] args)
                        Process proc = Runtime.getRuntime().exec("./test.sh");
                        System.out.println("Print Test Line.");
                catch (Exception e)

In this program, I try to run the "./test.sh" shell script, which-for now-I have, just (echo "Hellow World"). But it doesn't seem that the script runs from within my code.

Can some one please tell me if I am in the right track, and how/if I am able to run the script from within my Java code....

Thanks and regards,

See this thread.. it should answer all your questions and give you enough examples..

I followed the link, but it took me to a page that doesn't exist anymore. I got error 404 page doesn't exist.

Can you re-provide the URL again, or explain abit yourself....

Thanks again.

Thanks for reply,

Basicaly, what I am trying to accomplish here, is that I wrote a custom class, that is going to be used for a custom method in Documentum, to launch a utility, which we need to run on a weekly basis.

I figured that I when I was testing my code with "./test.sh" script, I didn't have e"x"ecute permission on this script. So, after using "chmod" to grant myself the "x" permission, it started working.

Thanks again for participation,

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