i wanaa make games in c++ plz give me some advice on how to proceed eg:- i want to make tic tac toe but ant make out the logic plz tell me how to proceed

For just making out the logic, you can simply print the board every move, you can do this in standard C. For any more complicated output, you need some console or graphics. For console, the most standard method is to use terminal escape sequences, but these don't work in Windows, except maybe if you have some special console. Using curses library is not a good solution, as it makes sense to use terminal escape sequences only for the most simple output, for anything more complicated it's better to use some graphical user interface, such as GTK, which is good because it's cross-platform. For 2d games also sdl can be used, the biggest advantage of which is that it is fast, if you really need so much speed, or opengl, if you need 3d, but you can use these two mostly only for games.

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