Project of C programming

Write a program that helps the user to consider a range of interest rates for a mortgage over 20, 25, and 30 years. Prompt the user to enter the amount of the loan and a minimum and maximum interest rate (in whole percentages). Then write a text file containing a table of the form:

Loan Amount: $50,000.00

Rate Duration
(years) Monthly
Payment Total

10.00 20 ________
10.00 25 ________ ________
10.00 30 ________ ________
10.25 35 ________ ________
The output file produced should contain payment information on a particular loan amount for interest rates from the minimum rate to the maximum rate in increments of 0.25%. The loan durations should be 20, 25, and 30 years. Output the monthly payment and total payment values rounded to two decimal places. You may neglect the fact that because the monthly payment must be rounded, the final payment will be slightly different. The formula for calculating monthly payment is

P = principal (the amount you borrow)
i = monthly interest rate (1/12 of the annual rate)
n = total number of payments

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Is this a tutorial or something? Or do you need help doing this?

If you need help with it, show us what you've done so far. We don't simply give out homework help without the poster showing some effort.

please provide me urgently C programing project which is use in the office

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I need any title for a project of C programming because I have to make one project in two days from now.... but I am concerned (confused) what title of project I should choose

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