I'm using wxDev-C++ to write an auto-clicker program that I'm hoping to release as FOSS one day. I wrote some really neat algorithms that I tested in Java to be implemented my project so it can be used in games and such as that. (It's not school work, just something I've wanted to write).

Anyways, I'm using wxDev to generate a Gui for the program because I'm pretty inexperienced with doing GUIs and some of the more complicated things in C++. I need a way to declare the GUI (make it appear) so I can get an idea of how I want to write the event handlers and keyboard hooks but I am completely at a loss of how to do it...

These are what I think are the relevant pieces of code from the H file. Could someone explain what I should do to start it up?

#undef GuiHolder_STYLE

class GuiHolder : public wxFrame

		GuiHolder(wxWindow *parent, wxWindowID id = 1, const wxString &title = wxT("FREE-CLICK"), const wxPoint& pos = wxDefaultPosition, const wxSize& size = wxDefaultSize, long style = GuiHolder_STYLE);
		virtual ~GuiHolder();
		void WxComboBox2Selected(wxCommandEvent& event );

		void OnClose(wxCloseEvent& event);
		void CreateGUIControls();


I want to just create a GuiHolder object, but all of it's params are already filled (something I've never seen before). That's what is confusing me the most I think.

I'm not sure how to do it in the way you are talking about. You can quite easily create GUI's using the win32 API. It may be hard to get into your head at first but once its in you are sorted. This is the tutorial I used..


read this FAQ and read their tutorial

read this FAQ and read their tutorial

I've already read through them and didn't find anything useful kthnx.

Then post your question(s) on their forums. You will probably get faster response there.

Then post your question(s) on their forums. You will probably get faster response there.

Is the way that these headers are built not commonly used or something? I thought it would be a simple issue of a little (unknown to me) declaration practice....

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