ellow smart people. I want to learn c++ programming. can anyone recommend what to do or what book do I need to read?
pls help me with this?
what is the latest version of C++?

thank you

Well the 5 threads at the top of the forum whose titles begin "Read Me: " would be a good place to start.

> what is the latest version of C++?
There is a single standard, released in 1998, generally referred to as C++98. But that only describes what a compiler should be capable of.

There are MANY different compilers (Borland, GNU-GCC, Microsoft, etc etc) which implement that standard. Borland and Microsoft are typically targetted at a single operating system, whereas GNU-GCC is available for many different systems.

The first question you need to answer is which operating system are you using in order to provide a more specific answer.

For Windows, I recommend Dev-C++, or even Visual C++ 6
For *nix, I use G++

But yeah, it's best to get started by reading the stickied topics.

forget about VC++ 6.0 -- its too old and does not meet c++ standard very well, and sometimes not at all. Get VC++ 2005 Express (free) instead.

the book i use is a pretty good one... you should consider looking for it... though i don't know what's it called in English, it is the one from DEITEL... there's two of them about c++... a blue one, which is purely c++, and a green one, which is about c++ and an introduction to Java...

if someone could provide the name for the book... i beleive it should be "How to Program in C++" or something like that...

(i'm pretty sure narue will come by to rip my head off...)

well i am also new to c++ language and i use "Sam's Teach Yourself C++ in 21 Days" and the C++ compiler i use is Dev