doing a project which consists of moving between individual frames and in general interrogating a database from these frames. My first frame is a Logon frame. In this Logon Frame/class i have also instantiated another class called Member where I've saved the username from the logon process.
Can I, or how can I use this (current) username information in the member class that I instantiated at logon, in a frame/class further down the line in the project.

Thanks a lot

there is different ways to solve the problem. you can store the value in a static variable if you have only one user at a time (which is not the case i believe), or you can directly access the variables of object [hint: every user is an object. login informations, sessions can be instances. you just have to call them by accessing the objects]

Hi thanks for taking the time to reply.

In logon frame/class I instantiated a Member class and saved the username, memID and now want to use the memID to help in a book reservation further on in a different frame/class.

I suppose what i'm unclear on is if I instantiate a Member class in the Reservation class, does this have access to what I've already saved to the member class I instantiated at Logon or not(as i suspect)?
Would my syntax in the reservation class be:
Member mem = new Member();
int id = mem.getMemID();

Tanx Paidi

u have to use session, which will make sure the same user is accessing.

the code u have given shud return u a default value or null pointer exception... whn u r creating new member, it doesn't have any previous information... it is totally new.... if u want to work on same previous member in 2 differenct classes, u have to pass the member information.... good inheritance may help u in getting better solution.

Tanx for that help,
that answers my question

u r welcome... :D... it really feels good in helping other... :)