Does anybody know if there's a way to interact with a printer that prints onto CD's? I've googled it and haven't found anything promising. The app that I'm writing is going to need it. It seem that only the manufacture of the printer can interface with it. Any ideas?

Never heard of such a thing -- a printer that prints onto CD's ?? I can only assume you are not referring to a normal paper printer. If not, then you will probably have to contact the manufacturer for a programmers manual and device driver.

thanks for the reply! The printers are normal 8.5 x 11.0 paper printer but they have a section that pulls out and a printable CD can be loaded and printed. HP has came out with quite a few of them. What stinks is that you have to use their software. (not very user friendly).

Oh you mean print a label on the CD -- not put stuff on the CD like a writer would. You don't have to use HPs software -- I've seen similar programs on the net and at Best Buy. I don't know how its done but its probably a graphics program that sends the bitmaps to the printer.

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