i'm trying to create a chained hash table using a linked list header file, but there's a problem with my insert function. here's the relevant portion. the error comes in the part that is in red. compiler says "parse error before '.' "
i've used the linked list header before, so i know it works. also, if i take the line in question & replace LinkedList.add(value) with 25 (for example) it works fine - of course, it just inserts it in the hash table array. i think i'm using the LinkedList.add() function incorrectly. can anyone help?

#include "linkedlist.h"
int main()
HashTable Hash7(7);
LinkedList MyList;
return 0;

bool HashTable::Insert(const Item &value){

int Pos = HashFunction(value);

//LinkedList.add(3);  gave same error
//MyList.add(value);  gave error "MyList undeclared"

MyTable[Pos].status = Occupied;
MyTable[Pos].value = LinkedList.add(value); 
cout<<"value in pos "<<Pos<<" is "<< MyTable[Pos].value<<endl;


LinkedList is a class, not a variable. It's sort of like saying

int = 4;

LinkedList MyList;
MyList.add( value ); // this would work
LinkedList.add(value); // this wont

Also, you have a comments saying MyList.add(value) doesn't work in the Insert() function. That's because MyList is declared in the main function. The basic rule is that any variable inside brackets ( {} ) is only visible inside those brackets. So move MyList outside main() if you want to access it elsewhere, or pass it in as a parameter.

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