I have built a program which acts as a Number Guessing Game using HOPP. Everything compiles like it should but my UI isnt loading because of a series of Exceptions. I was wondering if there are any helpful tips. I have added the code as an attachment.
Thankyou, any help is appreciated. :D

Re: Need Help, Getting Exceptions 80 80

Please paste the exceptions you are getting.

Re: Need Help, Getting Exceptions 80 80

This is error which I got from your code

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NullPointerException
    at GameLogicClientHOPP.get(GameLogicClientHOPP.java:33)
    at LogicUI.run(LogicUI.java:18)
    at GuessingGame.main(GuessingGame.java:12)

Your get method has following return return in.readLine(); . readLine method of DataInputStream is deprecated and you should not use it, check here.
I have got no experience with Java and networks but I think you did not understand properly reading and writing from/to socket. This tutorial can be helpful, read here

Re: Need Help, Getting Exceptions 80 80

Thankyou for the help, i got that part working fine.

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