I need to error check a user input and it must be a value between 0 and 13 whole numbers only. it will be stored in a int variable using the cin function. I dont remember how to do this since i have not taken a c++ course in 3 years. This assignment is using top down progamming, not object oriented programming.

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perhaps this will help jog your memory

I looked at the tutoral and have not seen anything about error checking i think I have the basic concept of c++ I have completed the top down course at my school. I am now enrolled in opject oriented programing class. My first assigment is a review from my last class and my notes on error checking are terrible. that is my fault but i dont have anything to look at to see how to set this one up. any help you can give would be greatly appriciated. I am not sure what this text box means by surround code could you briefly explain this to me as well. this is the first time i have ever posted a thread. thankyou soo much.


when/if you paste any of your code in a reply you need to do it like this


\\code goes here


of course, you want to take out the '.' after the word code which makes your reply look like this:

#include <iostream>
return 0 ;


As for the error checking, consider this. If you wanted to check that 'x' is less than 10 but greater than 0, you could use the following construct:

if ( x > 0 && x < 10 )
     cout << "Excellent!" << endl ;
     cout << "Invalid Input!!  --  Exiting program!!" << endl ;
     exit ( 1 ) ;

So now, what else could you check with the if/else statements and how?
Does this help any?


yes i was just going about it from the wrond direction very helpfull thankyou very much for your time and wisdom

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