i want to get an xml file from a web application. what are the procedures to access the file.

Thanks Peter for you reply.

I had created the user freindly xml editor.there are some drop-downs. To populate these drop downs, i need a xml file,which is placed in the server.How can i get that file.

i need a xml file,which is placed in the server.

Can you explain more?

There is one web application which is already running,I want to get the xml file from that application.I need to get the data from that xml.What is the procedure for getting that file..?

There are lot of third party Java-XML parsers available.U can use that to get the data from the coresponding tag and build the drop down.
The other option is to use XSLT to build the editor controls for the XML editor.

A properly configured application server won't let any application running in it directly access any file system resources that aren't on that application's context root (so inside its WEB-INF directory for a Java web application server, plus directories specifically specified in deployment descriptors) for security reasons.

Apart from that there's no difference whatsoever between file access from web applications and any other applications. be it XML files or anything else.