Hi, I'm trying to figure out how to do this assignment, but I don't even know where to begin.
This is a beginning project, all I know is arrays are not allowed. Can somebody get me started?

The assignment is..

In cryptarithmetic puzzles, mathematical equations are written using letters. Each letter can be a digit from 0 to 9, but no two letters can be the same. Here is a sample problem:
A solution to the puzzle is S = 9, R = 8, O = 0, M = 1, Y = 2, E = 5, N = 6, D = 7
Write a program that finds solutions to the cryptarithmetic puzzle of:
The simplest technique is to use a nested loop for each unique letter (in this case T, O, G, D). The loops would systematically assign the digits from 0-9 to each letter. For example, it might first try T = 0, O = 0, G = 0, D = 0, then T = 0, O = 0, G =0, D = 1, then T = 0, O = 0, G = 0, D = 2, etc. up to T = 9, O = 9, G = 9, D = 9. In the loop body test that each variable is unique and that the equation is satisfied. Output the values for the letters that satisfy the equation.

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Plan what you need on paper would be a good start?

just to test

You already have a plan. You have 4 variables T,O,D ,G and 10 possible number assignment. So the number of possibilities is : 10*9*8*7 = 5040 which is still small for computer. So you can solve it brutally if u want.

Try this if you get stuck:


using namespace std;

int main()

	int T,O,G,D;

for (T=0;T<=9;T++)

						if( (T==O)+(T==G)+(T==D)+(O==G)+(O==D)+(D==G)==0)	
						if(4*(100*T+10*O+O)==1000*G+100*O+10*O+D){ cout<<T<<O<<G<<D<<endl;};

return 0;
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What is that supposed to show?

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