int functlargest(int, int, int);
int functsmallest();
int functdifference();

int main()
	int num1, num2, num3;

	cout<<"please enter 3 numbers: ";
	cin>> num1 >> num2 >> num3;

	return 0;
functlargest(int a,int b, int c)
	if (num1> num2 && num1>num3)
		cout<<"The largest number is: "<<num1<<endl;
	else if (num2>num1 && num2>num3)
		cout<<"The largest number is: "<<num2<<endl;
	else if (num3>num1 && num3>num2)
		cout<<"The largest number is: "<<num3<<endl;
	return largest;

	if (num1<num2 && num1<num3)
		cout<<"The smallest number is: "<<num1<<endl;
	else if (num2<num1 && num2<num3)
		cout<<"The smallest number is: "<<num2<<endl;
	else if (num3<num1 && num3<num2)
		cout<<"The smallest number is: "<<num3<<endl;
	return smallest;

	diff = largest - smallest;
	return diff;

Obviously in too much of a rush to be bothered with the simply courtesy of reading say this, or comprehending the watermark at the back of the edit window.

We're not going to debug your program for you without any hints. If there's something wrong with it, tell us. Include any error messages you get and a detailed description of what you expect it to do. And read all of our announcements and rules before posting again, please.

here are the display message about the errors...i can't fix it...please help me...thanx....

from the program that i stated before,the error message is error in expression syntax in function main...

Here's a hint: This is how to declare, define, and call a function that returns a value:

#include <iostream>

int sum ( int a, int b, int c );

int main()
  int result = sum ( 1, 2, 3 );

  std::cout<< result <<'\n';

int sum ( int a, int b, int c )
  return a + b + c;

Compare this with your functions and see if you can figure out why yours are wrong.