I'm a student working on an internship, without a lot of guidence. I went to develop a program with C# not realizing that as a developer in the organization I have a different standard desktop than the rest of the organization. So on my computer I was able to develop my program with C# VS Pro 2005 with no problems.

However, when it came to installing my application, it ask the user to install .Net 2.0. I've been talking to some coworkers about it and they're saying that I either recode it or just have the users upgrade to .Net 2.0.

Does anyone have any advice or am I stuck to those two choices?

Yes those are your two choices. It's no problem to have framework 1 and 2 on a comnputer side by side so bundle the framework 2 re-distributable in your set-up project.

I've already tried that, but my distribution method is email, since this is an internal application and it's rather small (until I bundle it). My organization's email is really restrictive with email attachment size, to get an increase it takes a lot of paperwork and bureaucracy. I'm not sure if my superiors are too keen on me having different people all over the world upgrading the standard desktop too. So looks to me like I'll more than likely have to recode?

It may not bee that much work. Depends how many 2.0 only features you used (generics is one that springs to mind) If you haven't used anything specific to framework 2.0 just paste your code into a new VS 2003 Project and compile.

If you are running Active Directory and have the ability to assign GPO(Group Policy Objects) just add the .Net 2.0 MSI under the Software Installation on the Computer Configuration.

When the user turns the computer on or restarts it will install it with out user intervention. This is how I have done it at my site and works like a charm.

Found out from my boss I can't mess with .Net 2.0...so I've recoded. Got most of it done but the project properties are not as robust with VS 2003. So I'm getting a compiling error with the following lines:

Network_Survey.Properties.Settings.Default.DriverPath = this._txtDriverPath.Text;

Network_Survey is the name of the project. The compile error is on the Network_Survey.Properties VS 2003 just doesn't have a Properties area that allows me to define the DriverPath like CS 2003 version does or ...it's hidden from me.

Thanks Blacklocist... was working on that when I got shot down.